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American consumers
will continue to take on greater responsibility
for their health care.

This trend toward healthcare consumerism requires that people are enabled to become more active in making healthcare choices, especially those that affect their overall experience of care.

To achieve all that is promised of healthcare consumerism, the future must include technological innovation, increased transparency and greater engagement with consumers through digital and social strategies.


Healthcare Consumer Needs



Products Solutions  &


Smart Care is uniquely positioned to help shape this future by matching consumer needs with healthcare solutions, and to deliver results through integrated systems. Smart Care adds value to the innovation process for consumer health and wellness. The team regularly convenes thought leadership to track trends and gain current insights.

Smart Care works to foster an environment where technological innovation in healthcare can flourish, with emphasis on Digital Health Biographies (DHBs). Smart Care is well-versed in the nuances of the healthcare industry; and is guided by a vision of increased consumer choice, confidence and commerce for health.


Consumers are already active in healthcare choices when it comes to self-manageable conditions. But, the rapid pace of new product entry and the simultaneous concerns about appropriate use creates a situation where consumers need a little help in making the right choice.

Smart Care works across consumer need states, self-care categories and solutions providers to deliver the best programs for every population. The team works to ensure selection and purchase of the right solution across a range of considerations

Toward Digital
Health Biographies


An essential component of

21st century health care


21st Century Cures Act
and Health IT


 Legislation and innovative bills passed in 2016 for the future


• Nutrition/Foods

• Skin Care/Sun Care

• Vitamins/Supplements

• Weight Management

• Low Dose Aspirin

• Smoking Cessation

• Sleep Management

• Fitness/Exercise

• Dermatologicals

• Stress Management/


• Family/Baby

• Oral Health

• Allergy

• Sinus/Nasal  Congestion

• Cold

• Cough

• Headache

• Fever

• Constipation

• Hemorrhoids

• Canker Sores

• Dry Eyes

• Pediatric Solution

• Frequent Heartburn

• Occasional  Sleeplessness

• Body/Joint Pain

• Migraine

• Flu

• Diabetes

• Cardiovascular

• Digestive Health

• Respiratory

• Women’s Health

• Men’s Health


Research reports a marked shift from June 2000 when just 22% had made a purchase online, and from 2007 when just 49% said they had made a purchase online

Most individuals like being able to have better control of their health, and feel they could be making more decisions about their health and wellness

Consumers see value in digital advancements that empower them to manage their health, and potentially open the door for more streamlined physician engagement

Many consumers express uncertainty that they have enough information to confidently decide which OTC is right for them


The Emphasis on Healthcare Consumerism and Affordability Continues


         Let's work together!


Consumers are becoming more and more involved in their own healthcare

Manufacturers of consumer healthcare products, services and solutions seek to make better connections with healthcare consumers.

The wellbeing of the American workforce is critical to the success of the country.

Every Employer seeks collaborative ventures and innovative initiatives which can contribute to greater workforce productivity and satisfaction.

Health plans seek new, relevant and high-value services for their members, which may save those consumers time, money or both – and which can keep them healthy and well

The PBM business model is transforming beyond the administration of prescription drug benefits.

A PBM is a central hub for consumer access; with the data to enable precision in communications and commerce.


Charting new and innovative paths to make consumer connections


Creating solutions to support workforce productivity


Shaping consumer services to promote wellbeing


 Launching innovative member programsfor health

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